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Jhapa,Nepal Professional

Oct 5th, 2022 at 02:06   Blogs   Jhapa   476 views Reference: 476

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Location: Jhapa

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Jhapa District is situated in the far eastern part of Nepal whose maximum part is covered by plain land of Terai which is even known as grain glossary of Nepal. This district covers 1606 km2 includes a total population of the 812,650 which is rich in natural as well as cultural and religious heritage. There are varieties of place which have its own importance and considered as the best place to visit with wide range of people of different communities and cultures are living here as Bharmins, Chettri, Newars, Rai, Limbus, Rajbanshi, Dhimals, Tamang, Gurung, Magar and many other community people are here living together in peace and harmony. There are lots of cultural and religious places in this district. Kankai Mai, Kichakbadh, Satasidham, Arjundhara are few of them. This place also has the place named Kechanakalan which is at a height of only 60m from sea-level and is considered as the place of Nepal situated at the lowest altitude. JamunKhadi Wetland is also a good place to visit whenever you reach to Jhapa.

Places To Visit:

Kankai Mai:



 The Kankai Mai is one of the famous pilgrimage sites situated in Jhapa district. Lots of people from Nepal and India visit this holy river and pray for goddess Kankai. It is believed that if you pray here with a pure heart then your wish gets fulfilled. This place is full of pilgrims during Maghe Sankranti.




This place is considered as the place where the army commander of King Birat name Kichak was killed by Bhim. Although this place is one of the historically important places, due to lack of publicity it is still hidden.



Satasidham temple is one of the popular temples of Hindu situated in Satasidham Village development community. It is really a beautiful place and people believe that if anyone prays here with a pure heart then his or her wish gets fulfilled.

JamunKhadi Wetland:

Jamunkhadi wetland is situated in the Jamunkhadi VDC of  Jhapa which is a small place appropriate for a picnic and a short trip to enjoy nature. The wetland with different types of birds, sky blue water pond with boats for visitors and dense forest make this place really attractive. It is the best place for viewing wetland flora and fauna.



This is the lowest land of Nepal which is 58 meters high from the sea level situated in Kechana VDC, the southern part of the district. Although it is an important place of Jhapa, there is a lack of publicity about this place.

Arjundhara Jaleshwardham:



 This is one of the most important religious places of Jhapa in Arjundhara VDC, 5 km north from Birtamode also known as Pashupatinath of eastern Nepal In this place, Mela is held during Bala Chaturdashi, Shivaratri, SauneSombar etc.

Additional Details

Why to go Jhapa,Nepal

Angel Dumi Rai Oct 11th, 2023 at 05:11

Arjundhara is a well-known pilgrimage destination honoring Lord Arjun and is regarded as the Pashupatinath of eastern Nepal. Arjundhara temple is one of the oldest temple and most revered temple in Nepal located in small town of Jhapa .